2001 Missile Encyclopedic Dictionary

2001 Missile Encyclopedic Dictionary

Description:  A large (10.5″x8″x2″) hardbound desk reference.  Prepared by a large list (70) drafters, with dozens of members in the oversight committee, main editors, editors, graphics editors, etc.  Organized by topic, with long lists of named missiles in each category.  Entires have pinyin, characters, and English headword, and a long Chinese explanation or definition for each entry.  Uses common names, such as Hellfire Missile, and technical names, such as AGM-114A.  Includes a lot of technical terms and diagrams,

Missile Encyclopedic Dictionary
Spaceflight Publishing House
Chief Editors: ZHU Kunling, WANG Weixun
First Printing, First Edition, June 2001
55,000 entries, 2,427,000 characters, 1091 pages


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