2004 Dictionary of Weapon S&T

2004 Dictionary of Weapon S&T

Description: Organized entirely Chinese to English, pinyin sorted by character. Gives the appearance that it is designed to translate Chinese terms into English, but terms and appendixes include foreign originating terms. More likely designed for assisting a reader of Chinese sources unfamiliar with weapon/military terms in Chinese, whether Chinese or foreign originating terms.  More useful for an English reader translating out Chinese defense articles than many of the English look-up only military references. Four appendixes, App I, Chinese terms that begin with an English letter or number (still Chinese terms).  Example: K-波段,  K-Band.  App II, English Acronyms/abbreviations (English to Chinese).  App III, Foreign weapons industry and research organizations, Chinese to English name check (duizhao).  App IV, English to Chinese of appendix III.

A Chinese-English Dictionary of Weapon Science and Technology
(A Chinese-English Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms of Weapons)

Compiled by Nanjing University of Science and Technology
南京理工大学 编
Chief Editor: Li Hongzhi
Weapon Industry Press,
1st Ed, 1st Printing, 2004

ISBN: 7-80172-240-X

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