2005 Encyclopedia of Weapons

2005 Encyclopedia of Weapons

Encyclopedia of Weapons

Description: Large (11.5″x8.5″x2″) hardbound desk reference.  Compiled under the guidance of a twelve person committee with 30 editors of different types listed.  Organized as “articles” of around 250 character each describing each specific listed weapon.  The text is in alphabetic order, with the table of contents topic organized, starting with light weapons (轻武器), broken into firelocks (火枪), handguns (手枪), rifles (步枪), assault rifles (冲锋枪), machine guns (机枪), shotguns (霰弹枪), grenade launchers (榴弹发射器), rocket launchers (火箭筒), etc.  Covers small arms, artillery (火炮), cannons (加农炮), howitzers (榴弹炮), mortars (迫击炮), rocket launchers (火箭炮), anti-aircraft artillery (高射炮), tank cannons (坦克炮), anti-tank guns (反坦克炮), ship guns (舰炮), armored vehicles (装甲车辆), tanks (坦克), armored transport vehicles (装甲运输车), missiles (导弹), SAMs (地空导弹), land attack missiles (空地导弹), air-to-air missiles (空空导弹), other missile types (空舰导弹、舰空导弹、舰舰导弹、岸舰导弹、舰潜导弹、潜舰导弹, etc.), combat ships (战斗舰艇), carriers (航空母舰), cruisers (巡洋舰), destroyers (驱逐舰), frigates (护卫舰), submarines (潜艇), mine warfare craft (水雷战舰艇), landing craft (登陆作战舰艇), etc., combat aircraft (作战飞机), fighters (战斗机), bombers (轰炸机), attack planes (攻击机), armed helicopters (武装直升机), etc., nuclear weapons (核武器), chemical weapons (化学武器), biological weapons (生物武器), mines (地雷、水雷、鱼雷), etc.  The text includes weapons from China, Taiwan, U.S., Russia, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Austria, Romania, Spain, India, Argentina, Israel, Chile, Iraq, Australia, etc.

Blue Sky Publishing House
First Edition, FirstPrinting,December 2005
Encyclopedia of Weapons Studies Guiding Committee
Committee Chairman XU Genchu
编辑部, 主编张顺
Editing Department, Chief Editor ZHANG Shun
1,980,000 characters, 612 pages


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