2012 Dictionary of Information Warfare Terms

An English-Chinese Dictionary of Information Warfare Terms

Description:  Large soft-bound college-text style in appearance.  67,000 entries, all of which are English listed, with a Chinese translation and no definitions.  No other appendices or other information.  Only about 5 pages total that are not part of the lengthy vocab list.  Organized alphabetically by the English term, with a lot of acronyms interspersed in the main body alphabetic listings.  In many cases it lists the same acronyms multiple times with several different translations for the same acronym.  Translation is characters only with no pinyin, and no indexing by Chinese entry.  Clearly designed for use by native Chinese speakers researching in English.

An English-Chinese Dictionary of Information Warfare Terms

Chief Editor: Wu Hanping
Publishing House of Electronics Industry (PHEI)
JAN 2012, First Printing

ISBN 978-7-121-14973-3

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