2015 Great Dictionary: Military Volume

2015 Great Dictionary: Military Volume


Description: Chinese definitions of Chinese terms, organized in encyclopedic fashion. Military Volume. This 2015 edition bears no markings to make clear it is an updated edition, but includes additional credits for a 20 person team of “主要改版校订人员” or “principle edition revising (改版) and verifying against authoritative texts (校订) personnel.” This 2015 edition appears to be mostly the same as the previous large desk reference edition, with a few exceptions. There is one more entry listed (5,043 entries, vice 5,042), otherwise it is unclear how many terms have been updated, added or removed. All 1,292 photos and sketches have been removed, this edition is text only. It has the same pedigree of authors and editors including retired PLA generals and extensive list of military organs that reviewed the text. With a December 2015 publication date, this text still predates all of the PLA reforms begun in late 2015. See description of the 2007 version listed on the References page.


大辞海·军事卷 (2015 Edition!)
Great Dictionary – Military Volume

主编: 夏征农、陈至立;郑申侠等编著
Chief Editors Xia Zhengnong, Chen Zhili
Editorial Team: Zheng Shenxia, etc.,
上海辞书出版社, Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House
1st Edition*, 1st Printing

6″ x 8.5″ Hardbound

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