2007 The Chinese PLA’s 80 Years; 1927-2007

2007 The Chinese PLA’s 80 Years; 1927-2007

Description: This book starts about four years before the Nanchang Uprising on August First 1927, the birth of the PLA.  It covers peacetime and wartime development of the PLA from 1924 to 2007 in detail, including the revolutionary period, the Anti-Japanese War, the War of Liberation, the Korean War (抗美援朝,保家卫国), border conflicts against Burma and India, the Cultural Revolution, Founding of the Second Artillery, and other important events or periods.  It also includes in depth descriptions of peacetime reforms, such as the major reorganization of the PLA around 1985.  Text in Chinese only, no charts, pictures, or appendices.

The Chinese PLA’s 80 Years; 1927-2007

Compiled by AMS Military History Research Department
Compiling Committee Chair: Shou Xiaosong
责任编辑:潘宏, Chief Editor: Pan Hong
军事科学出版社, Military Science Publishing House 2007
First printing, Dec 2007, Second Printing Apr 2011
558 pages

ISBN: 978-7-80237-108-8

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