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     MM Dictionary is a searchable, topic-based dictionary of professional military terminology currently under development for use on Pleco ( Dictionary Software.  

     MM Dictionary currently has over 3500 entries, and is in final development (v0.79).  As we focus on developing a first release of the MM Dictionary, much of the content from it is becoming available in study guides, vocab lists, briefing slides, flashcards or other content posted to our MM Forum (registration and log-in required)

So What's in MM Dictionary?

- Want to talk to a PLA counterpart about the Falklands War?

     Type #Falklands to find out its called: 英阿马岛之战 (The England-Argentine Malvinas Islands War).

- Trying to remember a unit in the former Shenyang Military Region? 

     Type in #SYMR and get a list of units in Shenyang Military Region.

- Can't remember what is in the new Southern Theater Command?  Units or Area of Responsibility?

     Type #STC or 南部战区

- Type in #QDR and get the official translation of Quadrennial Defense Review

     Also try: NSS, or NMS, DSG, etc. (YES!  We have terms the PLA uses for U.S. strategies)

- Can't remember what JOAC is in Chinese? 

     Type #JOAC and get 联合作战进入权概念, and an explanation of it, and alternate translations.

- Looking for how to say COLREGs in Chinese?

     Just enter #COLREG into Pleco search and MM Dictionary will return the Chinese term for the 1972 International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.

- Looking for the Chinese concept of Non-War Military Activities, just enter #NWMA to get 非战争军事行动, and all of the military tasks that the PLA categorizes as NWMA.

- Cant remember what General Department the Military Training Department fell under? Or what grade it is, or what new organization took up its mission after transformation of the CMC?

     Just search #MTD to get all that, and more. 

- Driving to 邯郸 (Handan) and want to know what PLA units are there?  Type #Handan and see all entries with Handan in their entry definition (units, historical battles, the Warship named Handan, etc.).

- Want to make sure you say "riot control", and not accidentally say "pacify an uprising" by mistake?  Those, and a half dozen other ways to say things like put down a rebellion or insurgency are all in here.

- Need to discuss the difference between positional warfare, maneuver warfare, and COIN in Chinese?

- Need to practice radio telephone procedures in Mandarin?  Type #RTP in your Pleco search.

- Getting lectured by a Chinese speaker on the rise and fall of empires, the "three obstacles," or the five derivative elements of campaign power in PLA theory, and just not getting it?  We can help with that too.

-- Question:  What do nimbostratus clouds, non-contact warfare, wing commander, the Paracel Islands, a frigate, the Vienna Convention, the Blocking Action at Taishan and Heishan, ideological armor, lock and load, and the Military Department of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps all have in common?

     -- Answer:  They are ALL already in MM Dictionary!

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     While everyone dealing with Chinese Mandarin in a strategic or military context likely has a variety of useful language references (like the ones you can find here).  Like us, you may have found that most have distinct shortcomings that are frustrating to the casual or serious student of Chinese strategic culture, security studies or international relations.  First, none are available in a digitized, searchable version that fits in your pocket on your smart-phone.  None of the publishers will license their content to a U.S. developer.  Some merely list one-word translations without context, examples, or full definitions.  Others are designed for native Mandarin speakers to learn English.  And, very few explain in any way how the PLA uses or applies military theory or doctrine to the strategic or operational environment.    

     The MM Dictionary attempts to overcomes these weaknesses and provide a handy, usable dictionary of military, strategic and security related terms that you can access anywhere, even without internet access.