Vocab List: Security and Threats

Security and Threats to Security Related Terms:

SecurityThreats (Link to PDF)

安全威胁 - security threat; threat to security.

Types of Threat (威胁):
骚扰 - harassment
干扰 - disrturbance (jamming)
干涉 - interference
军事化 - militarization
武力 - military force
攻击 - attack;
阻断 - obstruction
胁迫 - coercion
碰撞 - collision;
颠覆 - subversion (overthrow)
侵犯 - infringement
侵略 - invasion

传统安全 - traditional security.

传统安全威胁 - traditional security threat.

非传统安全 - non-traditional security.

非传统安全威胁 - non-traditional security threat.

主权安全 - sovereignty security.

陆上安全 - land security.

海上安全 - maritime security.

空中安全 - airspace security.

太空安全 - outer space security.

外层空间安全 - outer space security.

网络安全 - cyber security; network security.

战略通道安全 - strategic pathways security;
strategic lanes of communication security; LOC security.

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