Vocab: Ships

Ships: General Terms and Categories:

MM-Ships-Vocab (Link to PDF)

军舰 - warship; military vessel
战舰 - warship; military ship
战斗舰艇 - combat vessels; combat ships and boats
护卫舰 - frigate; FF
驱逐舰 - destroyer; DD
战列舰 - battleship; BB
巡洋舰 - cruiser; CA
航空母舰 - aircraft carrier; CV
导弹护卫舰 - guided missile frigate; FFG
导弹驱逐舰 - guided missile destroyer; DDG
导弹巡洋舰 - guided missile cruiser; CAG
潜艇 - submarine; SS
核潜艇 - nuclear submarine; SSN
常规潜艇 - qian2ting3 conventional submarine; SS
导弹快艇 - missile fast boat; PGG or FACG
猎潜艇 - submarine chaser; submarine hunter; PC
鱼雷艇 - torpedo boat; PT (PTF, PTG, etc.)
炮艇 - gunboat; PG
护卫艇 - corvette; FS; K; DDC
登陆艇 - landing craft; LC (LCA, LCI, LCT, etc.)
登陆舰 - landing ship; LS
中型登陆舰 - landing ship, medium; LSM
大型登陆舰 - landing ship, heavy; LSH
坦克登陆舰 - landing ship, tank; LST
大型登陆舰 - landing ship, heavy; LSH
船坞登陆舰 - landing ship, dock; LSD
扫雷舰 - minesweeper (ship); AM; MSO; MCM
多用辅助舰 - general auxiliary ship; AG
综合补给舰 - general supply ship; AE, AF, AFS, AKS
舰队油船 - fleet oiler; fleet oil tanker; AO, AOR
军火舰 - ammunition ship; AE

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