Vocab List: War and Conflict

War and Conflict Related Terms:

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战争根源 - root cause or war
战争起因 - immediate cause of war
军事威胁 - military threat
战争威胁 - threat of war
战争决策 - decision-making of war; war decision; war resolution
战争控制 - war control; activities taken to master and constrain war

战争类型 - type of war; classification of war by its character
全面战争 - general war; total war
局部战争 - local war; localized war   War with a limited objective, means, or scale carried out in a specific area or region.
武装冲突 - armed conflict
常规战争 - conventional war
反分裂战争 - anti-succession war
人民战争 - people’s war   War carried out by organizing, arming, and relying upon the masses of the people to seek liberation of the classes, counter foreign invasion, or safeguard national unification.
正义战争 - just war

侵略战争 - aggressive war; war of aggression
反侵略战争 - anti-aggression war
机械化战争 - mechanized war
信息化条件下局部战争 - localized war under informationized conditions

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