Military Mandarin Vocabulary Lists


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Vocabulary lists sorted by topic. 

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           - PLA Non-War Military Actions (NWMA, or MOOTW) Terminology -- here

           - PLA Army (PLAA) Unit Names for NJMR, GZMR and CDMR added – here!

           - Strategic Terms: Security and Threats to Security -- here!

           - Operational Terms: Command and Control -- here!

​           - SLOCs: Lines, on land, in the air and at sea -- here!

           - War and Conflict related terms - here!
           - Sovereignty, Territory (Land, Airspace and Seaspace); Lines and Limits -
           - United Nations P5 Official Glossary of Key Nuclear Terms -
           - PLAN Ships, listed by name and pennant number -- PLAN Ships Vocab List
           - South China Seas, feature names and other SCS related vocabulary -- SCS Vocab Lists 

​           - 2016 PLA Reforms, Key Terms – 2016 PLA Reforms

           - Strategic and International Relations Terms – Strat IR Vocab Lists

           - Campaign (Operational) Level Terms – Campaignology Vocab List

           - Historic Campaigns and Historic Chinese Army Unit Names - Historic Campaigns Vocab Lists 

           - PLA Unit & Organizational Terms – PLA Orgz Vocab List

           - Rank (PLA & U.S.) and Grade (PLA) Terms – Rank & Grades Vocab Lists

           - U.S. – China Defense & Security Bilateral Dialogues and Mechanisms – Bilats Vocab List

           - U.S. DoD Organizations and Key Leaders Names in Chinese – U.S. DoD Vocab List

           - PLA General Headquarters Organization Names – GHQ Vocab List

           - PLA Army / Ground Forces (PLAA) Tactical Terms – PLAA Tactical Vocab List

           - PLA Army (PLAA) Unit Names (MRs, Corps, DIVs, & BDEs) – PLAA Units Vocab List

           - PLA Navy (PLAN) and Maritime Terms – PLAN Vocab List

           - PLA Air Force (PLAAF) Terms – PLAAF Vocab Lists 

           - Tactical radio prowords and verbal commands in Mandarin -- Tactical Radio Vocab List


Vocab Lists